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#29: What makes a great brand? Taking a stand!

#29: What makes a great brand? Taking a stand!

I walk around my neighbourhood in sunny Provence to talk about what makes a great brand.

Hey commuters,

Today, we're diving into why some brands stand out while others blend into the background.

This episode of the podcast reflects back on the cool conversation we had with Max Gayler, the Senior Content Strategist at Claap, in last week’s episode in Barcelona.

Let’s unpack what makes great brands truly great.

Episode 28 Recap

Max shared some fantastic insights about building a memorable brand.

In our chat, Max introduced a quirky character named Ken Bleacher, who they use to make their content more engaging.

But here’s the kicker – Max believes that a bad reputation can work in your favor!

He said:

"People often think that having a good brand means having a good reputation. I totally disagree. Sometimes, a bad reputation can be your brand."

It goes against the grain but makes total sense. Being different can be a huge advantage.

Be You, Even if It Means Being Bold

Lots of brands try to make everyone happy, which often makes them forgettable.

Max’s point? Don’t be bland. Dare to be different and stand your ground. He gave a great example. Claap once made a video where they held a funeral for their competitor, Loom, when Loom got acquired.

It was bold and cheeky, but it got people talking. Claap isn't afraid to be playful, and that makes them stand out.

The Lesson from Ryanair

This idea isn’t just for tech companies. Look at Ryanair, the budget airline known for its no-frills approach.

Their social media is hilarious and straightforward, even if it’s not always nice.

For instance, when a tall customer asked them on Twitter if they have bigger seats, Ryanair responded with, “Bend your knees.”

This cheeky reply might annoy some people, but it strengthens their brand identity. Ryanair embraces being the cheap, simple airline, and their fans love them for it.

Wisdom from Seth Godin: Start Small but Strong

Marketing genius Seth Godin advises focusing on your first 100 raving fans instead of trying to reach everyone right away.

This makes it easier to create a strong, loyal community.

Brands like Ryanair and Claap show that being unique and a bit daring can pay off. Instead of trying to please everyone, focus on what makes you special. This approach helps you build a solid base of dedicated fans who will spread the word for you.

Dare to Be Different

Playing it safe with your brand might seem like a good idea, but it usually leads to being forgotten. The brands that dare to be bold and a bit controversial are the ones people remember.

Embrace what makes you unique, laugh at your imperfections, and focus on making your first 100 fans truly love you.

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