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#24: How to Manage Expectations as a Content Marketer

#24: How to Manage Expectations as a Content Marketer

A solo stroll through Saint-Remy de Provence as I share some musings on last week's episode (#23) with Ines de Campos Pinto.

Hey there, welcome to Saint Remy de Provence! I'm thrilled to have you on board for another episode of Content Marketing Commute.

I'm Joe, and today, I'm excited to delve into the topic of managing expectations in content marketing. As I soak in the beauty of a May day here in Saint Remy, I’m reflecting on last week's engaging conversation with Ines de Campos Pinto in Rotterdam.

Our discussion last week sparked insights on the crucial aspect of setting and managing expectations in the ever-evolving world of marketing. With the picturesque backdrop of Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France, let's dive into the key takeaways from our latest podcast episode.

Embracing Boundaries: Why Saying No Matters

In marketing, it's crucial to know when to say no. Sometimes, we might feel like we should take on every project that comes our way, but setting boundaries can help us focus on what's important. By prioritizing tasks that align with our goals and resources, we can deliver better results and make a real impact.

Balancing Act: Under-Promising and Over-Delivering

It's great to have big goals in marketing, but it's also important to be realistic. When we promise less than we can actually deliver, we surprise others by exceeding their expectations. This not only builds trust but also shows that we're reliable and aim for excellence. Finding this balance helps us grow and succeed in our work.

Proactive Planning: Owning Your Strategy

In last week’s chat with Ines, we talked about the power of being proactive in planning our marketing strategies. Taking charge of our plans shows initiative and leadership. By creating and owning our strategies, we can guide discussions, set clear expectations, and achieve the results we want. This approach helps us steer our marketing efforts in the right direction for success.

If you resonated with today's episode and want to connect further, feel free to drop me an email at or connect with me on LinkedIn for ongoing discussions and insights.

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