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#26: How to Go Freelance as a Content Marketer

#26: How to Go Freelance as a Content Marketer

I walk the streets of Montmartre in Paris with Founder and CEO of Hirondo, Yannig Roth.

Hey Commuters (that’s what I’m calling all you subscribers now, ok?!),

Welcome to this week’s episode of Content Marketing Commute, where I was in Paris to speak with Yannig Roth - former CMO and now Founder and CEO of Hirondo.

Hirondo is a super cool, newly-minted freelance collective that deliver outstanding results to their clients. I would know because I am part of it!

Yannig and I worked together on a project for IMPACT+ not too long ago and when I was thinking of doing an episode on how to become a freelancer, I knew it was Yannig I had to interview!

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Early-morning pre-recording in front of the magestic Moulin Rouge

Freelancing is becoming a more and more popular option for us content marketers. Gone are the days when you signed up for a job for life - these days we have options! And freelancing is a fantastic one. Freedom to choose the work you want to do, freedom to pick your hours (if you’re smart) and much more.

But this career choice also comes with some serious challenges. I’ve been a freelancer for just around 7 months now and boy, being your own sales person is fun at first but the fun wears off after a while!

Yannig emphasizes in this episode that freelancing wasn't always his plan—he kind of stumbled into it. Yet, it has offered him a sense of freedom and the opportunity to bring his own twist to his work. Hirondo, the collective he founded, emerged as a solution for companies that needed expert freelancers without the risk and cost of full-time hires.

Freelance Life: The Good, The Bad, and The Real

Yannig and I discussed the common misconception that freelancing offers more free time. In reality, freelancers often work harder and longer hours. The freedom to choose projects and clients comes with the responsibility of being your salesperson, marketer, and sometimes even your own motivator.

Practical Steps to Freelance Success

1. Network, Network, Network:

Reach out to previous colleagues and industry connections. Don't be shy about letting people know you're available for work—people are generally happy to help.

2. Set a Fair Price:

Understand your worth and don't undervalue your services. Take into account taxes and expenses. Yannig advises that a junior content marketer in France can start at €500 per day, scaling up for more experienced freelancers.

3. Clarity and Transparency:

When onboarding clients, lay everything out clearly—from goals and KPIs to timelines. This builds trust and sets the stage for a smooth working relationship.

4. Leverage Tools and Communities:

Use tools like Notion to organize and present your work. Consider joining communities or squads like Harondo for support and collaboration opportunities.

Yannig's Approach with Notion

One aspect that stood out during my work with Yannig was his organization. Using Notion, Yannig didn’t just onboard me on tasks and deliverables; he provided detailed context and objectives for the project, which set a strong foundation for success.

This approach has a way of reassuring clients and makes it easier to bring other experts into ongoing projects.

Overcoming Freelance Challenges

Freelancing comes with its fair share of challenges, from dealing with uncertain income streams to managing different client expectations. Yannig stresses the importance of setting boundaries, having a support system, and continuously learning from every experience.

Ending on a High Note

As we strolled down the hill after our visit to Sacré Coeur, Yannig shared his final thoughts. Freelancing, according to Yannig, is not a forever thing—it’s a phase of life you enter and exit based on personal and professional preferences.

The key is not to define yourself solely by your role. Be honest with yourself about whether freelancing suits your lifestyle and career goals.

Breaking away from the traditional full-time role to embrace freelancing is both exciting and daunting. With the right mindset, organizational skills, pricing strategy, and a robust network, you can navigate this journey successfully. Remember, freelancing isn't a permanent label—it's an opportunity for growth and exploration in your career.

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