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#25: Audience Building in B2B

#25: Audience Building in B2B

Originally recorded as a bonus episode for my paid subscribers, Lindsay King joins me to talk audience building.

In this podcast, we’re usually on the move - walking, cycling, on the bus or train and doing interviews on the way to work.

But this new format has us sitting back for relaxed chats with some of the guests who have previously been on the show.

For the very first edition of ‘The Sit Down’, Lindsay King is back. Lindsay joined me in episode 9 of the podcast and we chatted about a whole range of topics from what B2B could learn from B2C, how brand and content intersect and more.

Lindsay is a brand expert and startup marketer, having worked in both B2B and B2C throughout her career. She’s worked at big brands like Uber and n26, as well as agency side, and she had so many nuggets of gold to share.

So I had to have her back!

In this ‘sit down’ chat we dive into:

  • Why B2B companies should be thinking about audience building, rather than just selling all the time.

  • How they should go about building an audience.

  • How they can monetize that audience down the line.

Watch the video, and let me know what you think in the comments! Let’s get a discussion going - I know you have interesting things to share about audience building!

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