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#9: Content + Brand, Things B2B Should Steal From B2C & More

#9: Content + Brand, Things B2B Should Steal From B2C & More

A conversation with Lindsay King, Brand Marketing Expert in Paris - ex-Uber and n26

Great brands are more than logos and colours. They’re this difficult to define mix of a whole lot of touch points that create a reputation for a company and position it within the minds of the people that matter.

I spoke about this topic (and many other great topics) in a conversation with Lindsay King - Brand Expert and Startup Marketer in both B2B and B2C throughout her career. She’s worked at big brands like Uber and n26, as well as agency side, and she had so many nuggets of gold to share about how content fuels brand.

Having worked in both B2B and B2C companies, she also has a great perspective on the similarities and differences between the two and, specifically, what B2B could and should start borrowing from the B2C world.

Added to that she has a great perspective on why thinking about B2B and B2C might not be the best dividing line - especially for young marketers looking to find their feet in their careers.

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