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#10: Why 'Content Factory' is the WRONG name for your B2B Content Team (About Last Week - ALW)

#10: Why 'Content Factory' is the WRONG name for your B2B Content Team (About Last Week - ALW)

Joe deep-dives on one point from episode 9 - why labelling yourself a content creator/producer is the wrong approach in B2B.

What people call you matters. What you’re known for matters. In life, but also in B2B businesses.

And one thing has been particularly grinding my gears of late - B2B content marketing teams who label themselves (or accept to be labeled) as the ‘Content Factory’, ‘A Content Production Agency within the business’, or some other variation of that.

Why does it put a fire in my belly, you might ask? Well, because content marketers have so much more to offer than simply pumping out content at the behest of anyone and everyone in the business with no say in strategy!

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I take a deep-dive on this point that was briefly brought up during episode 9, when I interviewed brand expert (ex Uber and n26), Lindsay King.

There’s so much to this but, in this episode, I talk through the main reasons why I really don’t agree with these ‘naming conventions’ for a B2B content team, as well as:

  • Why ‘content marketer’ doesn’t mean ‘content writer’.

  • Why SEO is only one channel in content marketing, and not the whole dang thing! (come on everyone!)

  • Why a great content marketer focuses on OUTCOMES over OUTPUTS, and how you can do the same.

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