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#11: The Future of B2B Content Marketing - The Next 5 Years

#11: The Future of B2B Content Marketing - The Next 5 Years

From cookie-less, to zero-click search and the metaverse, my guest Kavitha Ramamurthy and I discuss the next 5 years in B2B content marketing.

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In this episode, we get out our crystal ball and look into the future of B2B content marketing.

What’s changing? What will it mean for content marketers?

I joined Kavitha Ramamurthy, Marketing & Communications Manager at Kizeo, on her drive to work on the outskirts of Avignon.

On the drive we discussed the next five years in B2B content marketing, hitting on the following topics:

  • Generative AI: The biggest use cases.

  • YouTube: The sleeping giant in B2B marketing?

  • Short-form video: What could they hold for B2B?

  • Cookie-less: What does it mean for content marketers?

  • Zero-click search: Bringing answers front and center.

  • AR, VR and the Metaverse: airy-fairy or will it make a real difference?

Kizeo is here to simplify work by eliminating repetitive tasks so you can focus on your core business. A SaaS pioneer, since 2011 Kizeo has been providing targeted solutions to meet the needs of professionals on the move. Find out more about Kizeo here:

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