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#12: How to ACTUALLY Create 'Quality' Content: 3 Practical Tips (About Last Week - ALW)

#12: How to ACTUALLY Create 'Quality' Content: 3 Practical Tips (About Last Week - ALW)

Joe cuts the cr*p and buzzwords in this episode and talks through three big tips to creating quality content (instead of just hoping it will happen magically!)

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In this ‘About Last Week’ episode, Joe takes a deep dive on something that was mentioned in last week’s episode with Kavitha Ramamurthy from Kizeo.

That episode (it was great btw, if you haven’t already listened to it check it out!) focused on the future of content marketing. With generative AI, cookieless and no-click search coming to shake things up the answer to staying relevant and continuing to see results was clear - create quality content.

But how? So often that’s a line we throw out there as content marketers: “Let’s just create quality content”. Sure, that’s a great idea - but how do we make it happen?

In this episode, Joe talks through 3 quick tips to creating content of high quality, in order to future-proof your content marketing:

  1. Quantity leads to quality

  2. Work with your company’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  3. Be persona-led, instead of product-led.

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