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#16: Content Marketers - the champions of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

#16: Content Marketers - the champions of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

Joe walks through rainy Strasbourg on his commute to a co-working cafe on this short and snappy 'About Last Week' episode

In this episode, I explore the concept of content marketers acting as the "guardian of the why" within their companies.

This episode focuses in on one small part of what I discussed with Nathalie Figuere, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Coderpad, in episode 15.

I really believe that us content marketers can play a crucial role in bridging the gap between subject matter experts (SMEs) and the target audience.

SMEs: A Goldmine of Expertise, But a Communication Challenge

Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) are invaluable for any good content team. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their specific fields. However, their deep understanding can sometimes become a barrier when it comes to crafting content that resonates with the audience. That’s because, in my experience, they sometimes struggle to translate their complex knowledge into digestible and engaging pieces.

Content Marketers: The Bridge Between Expertise and Audience Understanding

This is where great content marketers come in. By adopting an outside-in mindset, we can collaborate with SMEs to create content that is:

  • Audience-centric: Understanding the target audience's needs and preferences is essential. By asking the right questions, such as "so what" and "why should the audience care," we ensure the content addresses the audience's pain points and interests.

  • Digestible: Complex information can be overwhelming. A good content marketer can package the SME's knowledge in a clear, concise, and engaging way. This may involve using different formats depending on the audience and the complexity of the topic.

  • Insightful: While ensuring clarity and conciseness, we shouldn't lose sight of the valuable insights SMEs bring to the table. The goal is to strike a balance between accessibility and maintaining the valuable expertise the SME offers.

Actionable Steps to Become a ‘Guardian of Why’

Here are some practical tips content marketers can implement to become a more effective "guardian of why":

  • Ask the right questions: Don't shy away from questioning SMEs. Encourage them to explain the "why" behind their ideas and how their knowledge can benefit the audience.

  • Know your audience: Conduct thorough research, gather feedback, and develop a deep understanding of my target audience's needs and preferences.

  • Package content effectively: Experiment with different formats, use clear language, and break down complex information into smaller, digestible chunks.

Want to Deep Dive? Listen to (or watch) the Full Episode

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the "guardian of why" concept and explore additional insights, listen to the full episode of the Content Marketing Commute podcast, or watch the video, by clicking play at the top of this post.

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