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#17: What B2B Marketers Can Learn From YouTubers - About YouTube, Building an Audience and Engaging it

#17: What B2B Marketers Can Learn From YouTubers - About YouTube, Building an Audience and Engaging it

A bus-based interview with full-time YouTuber Jay Swanson

In this episode I chat with Jay Swanson, a full-time YouTuber in Paris, to dive into what B2B marketers can learn from YouTubers - both about the platform itself (often called the 'sleeping giant' in B2B marketing) and about how to build and engage an audience.

Ditch the Webinar Dump: B2B Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from YouTubers!

This episode, filmed on a commute through the streets of Paris (and featuring my first bus-based interview!), dives deep into:

  • Why giving value FIRST is key to YouTube success (and marketing in general).On this platform, more than many others, avoid pushing products before building a connection!

  • The B2B vs. B2C YouTube landscape: Is B2B content doomed to be boring webinars dumped on the platform? Jay thinks there's a better way.

  • Avoiding the "corporate invasion" trap: Learn how to respect the YouTube community and its culture to avoid getting roasted in a video essay.

  • Finding the right balance between polish and authenticity: We discuss the surprising trend of "anti-quality" content.

Join us for a walk-and-talk (plus bus ride) filled with actionable insights for B2B marketers looking to take their YouTube game to the next level, and learn from a master in audience building and engagement.

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