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Content Marketing Commute
#20: Content & Outbound: How they can work together

#20: Content & Outbound: How they can work together

A quick walk around my sunny spring neighbourhood for a solo chat on content & outbound

Are you one of those marketers for whom ‘outbound’ is (or was) a dirty word? I was there once.

But guess what? It turns out building awesome content and waiting for leads to appear isn't always the answer to generating revenue for your business.

Here's the deal: outbound marketing and sales are still a thing, and content can be your secret weapon. This episode is packed with tips on how to make content marketing your best friend in the wild world of outbound B2B marketing and sales.

Content: The Superpower Your Sales Reps Didn't Know They Had

Think cold calling is a nightmare? You're not wrong. But imagine if you could hand your BDRs (business development representatives) a key that unlocks conversations. That's what content can be!

Here's the trick:

  • Case studies are gold: Proof that your product or service actually works. Instead of your BDRs rambling about features, they can point to real-world examples showing how you've helped similar companies. This instantly builds trust and makes that initial call way less awkward.

  • Data can be your secret weapon: Most B2B companies have a treasure trove of data sitting unused. Especially is you’re a SaaS company, the way your product is used can be the source for some fantastic data-led content. Analyze that data to create content that speaks to industry trends or innovative ways to use your product. This positions you as the ultimate problem-solver, making those sales conversations just a little easier.

ABM: When Content Gets Super Personal

Ever heard of account-based marketing (ABM)? It's all about targeting those high-value accounts that have the potential to transform your business. Content is king in ABM, but forget generic marketing materials. Think outside the box:

  • Personalized content: Do your research! Find out what makes the decision-makers at your target accounts tick. Craft content that directly addresses their challenges and interests. This could be a custom white paper or, get this, a freaking comic book tailored to their industry (seriously, it's been done! - check out the episode for more on this).

  • Content as a fancy delivery system: ABM often involves targeted ads. But instead of just using them to push sales messages, think of them as a way to get your awesome content in front of the right people. Use ads to distribute informative blog posts, insightful data reports, or anything else that positions your company as a thought leader.

The Takeaway

Content marketing isn't just for attracting leads. It can be a game-changer for outbound sales too. By creating valuable content that speaks to prospect needs and showcases your expertise, you can make those sales conversations smoother and convert more leads into happy customers. Remember, data is your friend, personalization is key, and using content creatively can take your outbound strategy to the next level.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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