Content Marketing Commute
Content Marketing Commute
#22: Leading Content Marketing at an Agency, Working with Founders & Collaborative Content

#22: Leading Content Marketing at an Agency, Working with Founders & Collaborative Content

with Jonas van de Poel, Head of Content Marketing at Unmuted

Imagine a career where you get to dive deep into the stories of passionate founders, craft compelling content, and guide businesses towards success – that's Jonas van de Poel’s life. He’s Head of Content Marketing at Unmuted, a B2B SaaS marketing agency and the latest guest on the podcast.

Unmuted isn't your average marketing agency. They specialize in helping B2B SaaS companies thrive, recently bagging an award for their innovative approach. As their content marketing leader, Jonas oversees a growing team, guiding clients through a proprietary three-phase growth program that takes them from foundational strategies to accelerated campaigns and ultimately, a successful content handover.

But what truly sets Jonas' role apart is the agency environment. Unlike in-house, agencies offer a vibrant (and sometimes chaotic!) smorgasbord of client work, each with unique challenges. For Jonas, this constant exposure to diverse industries and marketing goals fuels his passion for the craft.

Decoding the Founder's Mind: Building Content Together

Founders are the lifeblood of any startup. They bring a fire and expertise that's invaluable for crafting authentic content. However, translating that passion into clear, concise marketing messages can be a hurdle. Here's where Jonas' magic touch comes in.

Unmuted prioritizes building trust with founders. By understanding their vision and the problem they're solving, Jonas and his team can unlock the goldmine of knowledge these leaders possess. Through in-depth interviews, they extract insightful stories that resonate with target audiences.

But what about founders who shy away from the spotlight? Unmuted tackles this head-on. They explain the power of content in building trust and position founders as thought leaders, not influencers. Offering a variety of formats, from written content to behind-the-scenes glimpses, allows founders to feel comfortable while sharing their expertise.

Content Marketing Commute
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