Content Marketing Commute
Content Marketing Commute
#5: 6 Steps to Scaling a Business Through SEO

#5: 6 Steps to Scaling a Business Through SEO

with Trish Seidel, Head of Content at DJUST

In this episode of Content Marketing Commute, I joined the brilliant Trish Seidel on her commute to work in Paris. Trish is Head of Content at DJUST - a solution that helps companies launch their B2B eCommerce and eProcurement platforms faster.

And Trish is an absolute SEO genius. She's literally scaled businesses through SEO multiple times in her career and is in the midst of doing it again right now at DJUST.

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We walked through the hustle and bustle of Paris (sorry for the loud bus noises at times!) as Trish walked me through her 6 steps to using SEO to grow a business:

  1. Define Your Scope

  2. Build a Foundation

  3. Create the Machine

  4. Test & Learn

  5. Optimize & Backlink

  6. Recycle your Content

Watch the full video of this episode:

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