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#6: How to Create a Content Brief (About Last Week - ALW)

#6: How to Create a Content Brief (About Last Week - ALW)

My 12 Point Content Brief Template

Content briefs are the real unsung heroes of content marketing. Done right, they give you the very best chance of creating content that hits the nail on the head. They get everyone on the same page internally within your company, and ensure the content that’s produced meets everyone’s expectations.

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Last week on the Content Marketing Commute podcast, I spoke to Trish Siedel, SEO expert and Head of Content at DJUST. And in this ‘About Last Week’ episode, I double down on one topic we discussed last week - the content brief.

Listen in to hear what your content brief should cover. Whether it’s a freelance writer who’ll be producing the content or you’ll be keeping it in house, a solid content brief is a must.

I list 12 things that I always include on content briefs:

  1. Format

  2. Timeline

  3. Stakeholders

  4. Targets/ Personas

  5. Purpose

  6. Key Takeaways

  7. Measurement

  8. Campaign

  9. Channels

  10. Supporting Assets

  11. Sources

  12. Outline

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