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#18: Creating Curiosity Loops in B2B Marketing (About Last Week)

#18: Creating Curiosity Loops in B2B Marketing (About Last Week)

Joe walks the back streets of Amsterdam reflecting on one interesting point from episode 17 - an interview with full-time YouTuber Jay Swanson.

Last week on the podcast I was in Paris interviewing an awesome YouTuber, Jay Swanson (check out episode 17, it's a banger!), and we talked about what it takes to be a YouTube pro, as well as what B2B marketers can learn from YouTubers.

One thing that really stuck with me from that conversation was this concept called "Curiosity Loops."

Hold on, what are Curiosity Loops?

Basically, it's how YouTubers keep you glued to their videos. They tease upcoming content, ask mind-blowing questions, or leave you hanging with a cliffhanger – anything to make you think, "I gotta see what happens next!"

Why B2B Marketing Needs Curiosity Loops Too

Traditionally, B2B content marketing has been all about getting you to download that white paper or click a link. But here's the thing: that doesn't build relationships, it just fills a form.

Imagine if, instead, B2B content was actually, you know, engaging?

Curiosity Loops can help with that by:

  1. Making you wanna watch the whole thing: Forget grabbing your email address, let's focus on making the content itself so good you can't stop watching/ consuming.

  2. Building a connection: If your content keeps you guessing and wanting more, that's a great way to start a relationship with a potential customer.

  3. Spicing up ALL your content: Videos? Sure. But blog posts, podcasts – Curiosity Loops can work anywhere.

How to Loop People In (The B2B Way)

Here are some ideas I had for using Curiosity Loops in B2B marketing:

  1. Hook 'em from the start: Grab their attention right at the beginning with something juicy.

  2. Plant multiple hooks: Don't let the excitement fizzle out – sprinkle in more curiosity starters throughout.

  3. Link your stuff together: Connect your different content pieces (articles, videos, podcasts) to create a choose-your-own-adventure journey of awesome content.

  4. Think audience first: Before anything else, focus on creating valuable and engaging content that people actually want to see.

Want to learn more about Curiosity Loops? Here's a quick reading list:




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